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Is it legal to say you're definitely going to sue somebody, but then NOT sue them? This is in the context of a product review

Reached the point in life where all my problems are $20,000 problems

*at the AGM* I came here to look at financial statements and vote. And we're all done looking at the financial statements

Sorting through astonishingly cute cat photos and thinking, no, none of these are quite good enough for the group chat

COOL PERSON TIP: don't... πŸ”’ Unlock

All the funny references to Biden in 2010-era sitcoms are so chilling now

Re-watched the Prince episode of New Girl and got emotional

State of the Mirth Turtle 2024 powerpoint this Friday, 2pm ADT! Come watch me evaluate my failures and preview next year's projects.


State of the Mirth Turtle 2024

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Not famous at all but I'm sure a bunch of therapists have heard about me at great length

You can always pick out the Go player in the crowd... they're the one talking about hanes

Trying to have... πŸ”’ Unlock

Genocides Joe and Justin high-fiving because a Netanyahu Alert just popped up on the Lies Computer

Charlie's doing numbers over on Reddit


Charlie got spooked by the fridge and puffed up

A total solar eclipse as seen from New Brunswick

Careful, eclipse-watchers! The totality is a prime opportunity for pickpockets

I could have never guessed as a kid that my peanut butter and honey habit would be so expensive

Sometimes when opportunity knocks I don't answer the door because they should have texted first

Can't let my hair get to a certain length or else I end up with Cillian Murphy in Red Eye energy

CEO OF PLASTIC CONTAINER COMPANY: our products must be as painful to open as possible EMPLOYEE: are you sure– CEO: yes. this should be true of EVERY plastic container

These days, AI could probably make Diamond Find in a few hours, but back in 2011 I had to do it all myself


Diamond Find

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Eating the most disgusting oatmeal slop for breakfast every day so that when I finally let myself make waffles again I'll have a religious experience

Innoculating myself against future heartbreak by getting emotionally attached to my rotating 2FA token

In the art world it's considered scuzzy to use AI because it takes work away from artists and is built on mass plagiarism, but in programming everyone is soulless so those aren't really concerns