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December 31, 2018

A 2018 Retrospective

Well, another year has pushed me to my psychological limit. Hopefully no one noticed.

Luckily it was a year packed with great experiences and even some new possessions. I will chronicle the best ones now:

10. Clearing an overgrown path to a cliff

This felt really good! I thought I’d have to use a hand axe, but was somewhat disappointed that the hacksaw was a better tool for the job. The sense of progress as I cut deeper and deeper into the undergrowth was very satisfying. Here's a video walkthrough of the cleared path.

9. Buying a wrecking bar

I bought a wrecking bar for a friend as a birthday joke, but discovered soon after the purchase that I did not want to give it away! So I bought myself an identical one the next day. Now I can wreck things if necessary.

8. Bailey’s with a single ice cube

Now this is a drink you can order at a club! So I assume, anyway. I’m going to try doing that next year, and see if I get embarrassed subsequently.

7. Heated vest

I knew I had to “turn up the heat” on my winter clothing this year, and, as such, ordered a battery-operated vest that I can wear under my normal coat. I tell you it is worth the money! Very cozy.

6. WD-40

How have I never used this before? Our locks glide now, and who knows what other problems it will solve. Such a good product. It also kind of inspired me to make products as absolutely essential as WD-40.

5. An obsidian egg I got

A worthy addition to my collection, this obsidian piece has an incredible ribbon of sheen through it. Photographs don’t do it justice so I won’t underwhelm you with one.

4. Table tennis

What an exciting test of skill this game is. Certainly, my favourite of the table sports.

3. Producing more metal comedy

This was a fun project to do, and I’ve got an idea to really get it off the ground in the new year. An... interactive idea.

2. Delicious cognac

Such a warming beverage! I’d say for this one, don’t have an ice cube. Starting a style magazine in the new year about this.

1. A "goldstone" egg I got

Now, here’s an egg that photographs properly! While its material may be synthetic, the combination of egg-smooth texture with hypnotizing sparkles makes this truly a fine egg, and the best thing about my 2018.